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Anatomy and Physiology Revealed
Anatomy and Physiology Revealed will change the way students learn

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 3.0 is the ultimate interactive cadaver dissection experience. This state of the art tutorial uses cadaver photos combined with a layering technique that allows the student to peel away layers of the human body to reveal structures beneath the surface.

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 3.0 also offers animations, histologic and radiologic imaging, audio pronunciations, and comprehensive quizzing. It can be used as part of any one or two semester undergraduate anatomy & physiology or human anatomy course; Anatomy & Physiology Revealed is available stand-alone, or can be combined with any McGraw-Hill book.

NEW Now available online or on DVD you can use Anatomy & Physiology Revealed on its own or packaged with a McGraw-Hill textbook at a discounted price. For more information contact helpme@mcgraw-hill.com.

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What's New In APR v3.0
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New content in APR 3.0

Three new modules have been added to 3.0

Module 1: Body Orientation introduces anatomical terminology and general concepts;

Module 2: Cells & Chemistry includes a virtual cell dissection, a comprehensive histology section, and numerous animations covering cellular processes and chemistry concepts;

Module 3: Tissues presents multiple examples and magnifications of the four tissue types and their identifying features.

New animations provide a comprehensive tour of each tissue type.

A complete bank of interactive questions including labeling, classification, sequencing and more - all using APR images and animations - will be available in Connect for APR 3.0 users. Questions will include remediation links that go directly into specific structures in APR 3.0.

Lab practical quizzes: This new quiz type requires students to identify anatomic structures by typing the correct answer. Alternate terms and various formats are counted as correct, but spelling counts!

Combination quizzes: This new quiz type combines multiple choice and "click to identify" question types in one quiz.

New regional limb dissections have up to 10 layers, and show vessels and nerves in context of surrounding anatomy.

Fly through animations of the heart and brain give students an inside perspective of these amazing organs.

More than 100 new histology slides have been added to APR 3.0, including commonly requested images like blood cells and glial cells.

A new set of animations in Module 5: Skeletal System use a live model to demonstrate multiple movements at each joint.

Changing views: Topic and view menus are always present in the main navigation area so the user can change views without having exiting to a separate screen. An image orienting the student to the perspective of the topic and view they choose is accessed by clicking the new "Current View" button in the lower right corner.

New "Save Image" functionality: The "Save Image" button, now located in the lower right corner of the screen, allows the user to capture any view they manipulate with the layer controls, a view of the given highlighted structure, or non-highlighted views of all layers of a dissection in the same window. Users can now save images to a desired location or simply copy and paste them from the Save Image window.

"Image Information" button: Provides tissue source, magnification, etc. for histology images.