Strategic Management of Technological Innovation 3e by Melissa Schilling
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Strategic Management of Technological Innovation 3e

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Strategic Management of Technological Innovation 3e by Melissa Schilling is the first comprehensive and rigorous, yet accessible text for Management courses. Schilling's approach synthesizes the major research in the field, providing students with the knowledge needed to enhance case discussion and analysis.

The subject is approached as a strategic process, is organized to mirror the strategic management process used in most strategy textbooks, progressing from assessing the competitive dynamics of a situation, to strategy formulation, to strategy implementation.

5 new chapter opening cases include from 'Blu-Ray versus HD-DVD: A Standards Battle in High Definition Video' to 'Organizing for Innovation at Google'.
There is a greater balance between industrial products versus consumer products. More industrial product examples (such as electronic components and business software) and service examples (such as search and advertising services and outsourced industrial design) have been included throughout the book.

Chapter 8 includes a new Research Brief : Strategic Positions in Collaborative Networks, which illustrates how a firm's position in an inter-firm alliance network might influence its access to information and other resources, as well as its influence over desired outcomes.

Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
By Melissa Schilling
ISBN: 9780071289573

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Visit the Online Learning Centre: For instructors it includes an Instructor's Manual with suggested class outlines and responses to discussion questions, PowerPoint slides with lecture outlines and a test bank with true/false, multiple choice questions, and short answer/short essay questions. There is also a suggested list of cases to pair with chapters from the text.
To enhance student learning, each chapter begins with an opening mini-case with discussion questions. Each chapter concludes with chapter summaries, discussion questions and definitions of key terms.
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