John Santrock’s 13th edition Adolescence
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BRAND NEW : John Santrock’s 13th edition LifeSpan Development

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John Santrock's hallmark Learning Goals pedagogy provides a comprehensive roadmap to the text material, clearly pointing out the core concepts fundamental to students' learning and performance. An adaptive diagnostic tool increases students' efficiency in studying by identifying what they know. This brand new 13e Life-span Development ensures students complete and understand the assigned material in a number of ways.

Connect Lifespan and its adaptive diagnostic (LearnSmart) allows students to immediately self-assess which areas they need to spend more time studying and reading. As students struggle with certain concepts, the diagnostic will stop 'quizzing,' directing them to particular sections of the text or exercises within Connect that explain these concepts.
Topical Connections: Looking Back and Looking Forward , begin and conclude each chapter by placing the chapter's coverage in the larger context of development. The Looking Back section reminds the reader of what happened developmentally in the previous age stage. Looking Forward prepares the student for what is to happen in the next age stage. Together, these new features help students construct a topical understanding of development alongside a chronological one.
Connecting with Careers : profiles careers range from an educational psychologist, to a marriage and family therapist (Ch 8) to a perinatal nurse, which require a knowledge of human development.

LifeSpan Development
By John Santrock
ISBN: 9780071221696

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