Harrison’s Principles in Internal Medicine, 18e
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Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18e

By Dan Longo, Anthony Fauci, Dennis Kasper, Stephen Hauser, Larry Jameson and Joseph Loscalzo

ISBN 978-0-07-174889-6
2-Volume Hardcover/DVD
August 2011 - 2800 pages

The Cornerstone of a Curriculum
With its coverage of more than 2000 diseases, its focus on mechanisms and pathophysiology, its clear organization, and its applicability to both traditional and integrated curricula, no other resource encompasses the breadth and depth of the medical curriculum like Harrison's. The Harrison's DVD includes a complete image bank of 2000 images that can be easily transported into classroom lecture slides. In addition, there are more than 40 chapters of PowerPoint slides available to instructors who use Harrison's in the classroom. Each slide set is a ready-to-present collection of images and tables from selected chapters in Harrison's 18e.

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