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EZ Test Online
What is EZ Test?

EZTest is a computerised testbank format from McGraw-Hill which will support many new textbooks. As the name suggests, it is easy to use - you can upload testbanks, modify questions and add your own questions.

EZTest Online, www.eztestonline.com, allows lecturers to select questions from multiple McGraw-Hill test banks, author their own questions and then either print the test for paper distribution or give it online.

Results can be automatically graded and saved into your online gradebook which can easily be download. Adopters should contact their local representative for more details.

Download the installation instructions and user guidelines for EZ Test Online
(pdf, right click and choose 'Save As' or similar if you wish to save it to your desktop)

If you have any questions, please contact helpme@mcgraw-hill.com

Test Creation
Select questions from one or more McGraw-Hill test banks located in EZ Test Online
Author/edit your own questions online using the 14 different question type templates
Scramble questions and answer choices to create different versions of your test
Add multimedia to your questions
Export tests for easy paper test printing
Deploy online and get instant feedback
Create pools of questions for serving up multiple versions online
Algorithmic question capability is available for all question types
Online Test Management
Set availability dates and time limits for your test
Control how your test will be presented (i.e. one question at a time, all questions on 1 page)
Assign points by question or question type with drop down menu
Provide immediate feedback to your students or delay feedback until all finish the test
Decide to assign points or allow students to practice what you make available
Roster can be uploaded or student self-registration can be enabled
Online Scoring and Reporting
Automated scoring for most of EZ Test’s numerous question types
Manual scoring and feedback for essay and other constructed response questions
Manual re-scoring is available
EZ Test’s grade book is designed to easily export to your preferred grade book
View basic statistical reports
Support and Help
User’s Guide and built in page specific help
Flash tutorials for getting started and advanced features
Website - www.mhhe.com/eztest