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ISBN: 9780071472296
Division: Professional
Pub Date: JUL-08
Pages: 256

Edition: 01
Format: Soft back with CD
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Great Speeches For Better Speaking: Listen and Learn from History's Most Memorable Speeches.

Michael Eidenmuller



Learn the secrets of captivating an audience from the greatest orators of all time

What person faced with speaking in public wouldn’t want some pointers from great speakers like John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan? Now you can. Michael E. Eidenmuller, founder of American-Rhetoric.com, outlines the six areas that are critical for making an impact with a speech--situation, content, structure, style, delivery, rhetorical strategies and tactics. He then shows the best uses of these elements in practice by featuring six great speeches on an audio CD. The unique combination of text and audio will help you understand what makes a particular speech memorable and inspiring and incorporate this knowledge into your own speeches.

Features speeches by:

Ronald Reagan * John F. Kennedy * Douglas MacArthur * Barbara Jordan * Edward Kennedy * Mary Fisher