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ISBN: 9780071546232
Division: Professional
Pub Date: MAY-08
Pages: 304

Edition: 01
Format: Hardback
Availability: In Stock

Gracefully. Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age

Valerie Ramsey, Heather Hummel



A stunning 68-year-old Ford Model inspires you how to age--beautifully, healthfully, gracefully

This world-famous beauty reveals the best-kept secrets behind her timeless face, toned body and unstoppable spirit. With an upbeat, inspiring tone, she shows you how to enhance your natural beauty, increase your energy and live life to the fullest--at any age. You will learn her professional tips on skin care, make-up, exercise and nutrition, as well as her secrets for nourishing the soul and stimulating the mind. It’s a complete home regime filled with invigorating ideas and empowering exercises to beautify the body, strengthen the mind and cherish the spirit . . . gracefully.