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ISBN: 9780077109820
Division: Professional
Pub Date: FEB-05
Pages: 300

Edition: 02
Format: Paperback
Availability: In Stock

Living With Fear

Isaac Marks



Living with Fear is a self-help book that gives practical advice to people who are suffering from phobias, panic, obsessions, rituals or traumatic distress.

In the new edition, the author has updated the book to include new phobias e.g. fear of Aids contamination as well as the latest treatments. References, examples and case studies will be updated throughout the book. The case examples in the current edition are drawn from many parts of the world.

•Consistent best seller in the UK – current edition has sold over 50,000 copies

•Author is internationally renown

•In a randomised controlled trial, sufferers who used Living With Fear improved as much as sufferers guided by a psychiatrist

•Case studies and examples are taken from round the world