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Lecturer copy requests

If you are seriously considering a McGraw-Hill Higher Education or Open University Press text for course adoption, we may be able to send you a complimentary lecturer copy. You should be teaching a course with a minimum enrolment of 20 students to request a lecturer copy.

Please note that comps can only be sent to college or university addresses within Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Lecturers outside these regions should contact their respective International Office.

How to order a lecturer copy online

Using the site's Book Search function, locate the textbook you wish to consider and in the Lecturer Copies section on the right hand side of the page, click on the "Lecturer Copy " icon. You can then either click on 'Complete Request' or continue browsing and add more books to your examination copy basket.

Would you like to speak to someone?

Your local rep will be able to provide you with a book to suit your needs and provide you with information about supplements, provide adopters with passwords, and more.
Click here to find your local representative

Instructor supplements

Due to the sensitive nature of instructor supplements, we do not list these items on the website.
Contact your local representative who will be happy to arrange supplements for adopting lecturers. Many supplements are now downloadable from the Internet, allowing you instant access and added flexibility.

Lecturer password requests

Contact your local representative if you have any questions, or require a password for a text-supporting website or ...
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