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Becoming a Teacher: Issues in Secondary Education

5th Edition
0335243258 · 9780335243259
Becoming a Teacher provides a broad context for understanding education, addressing issues such as the influence of international policy and practice, education ideology and social justice.  This is balanced with practical advice for the classroom o… Read More
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Part One – Becoming a Teacher 

Chapter 1 Becoming a teacher
Chapter 2  On being a teacher
Chapter 3  New teachers – reforming or transforming ITE
Chapter 4 Teachers' lives and careers: becoming and staying a teacher 

Part Two – Policy, Society and Schooling 

Chapter 5  International assessments
Chapter 6  Ideology, evidence and the raising of standards
Chapter 7  Policy imperatives
Chapter 8  School management and leadership
Chapter 9  Social justice in schools: engaging with equality 

Part Three – Teaching and Learning 

Chapter 10  An introduction to key learning theories and their application in educational practice
Chapter 11  Engaging in learning: Learning to engage
Chapter 12  Making sense of classroom 'behaviour': relating the two discourses of regulation and instruction
Chapter 13  Differentiation in theory and practice
Chapter 14  Classroom assessment 
Chapter 15  Inclusion: individual differences, disabilities and Special Educational Needs
Chapter 16  English as an additional language: Challenges of ethnicity, language and subject identity in the contemporary   classroom
Chapter 17  Why aren’t we educating pupils? Learning and the emotions

Part Four – Across the curriculum 

Chapter 18  Literacy - More than Reading and Writing
Chapter 19  Numeracy, mathematical literacy and mathematics
Chapter 20  Data Usage in Schools: contexts and benefits
Chapter 21  Schools and the Safeguarding Agenda
Chapter 22  Environment, Sustainable Development and Education                                    
Chapter 23  14-19 Education: Education and training in school and beyond
Chapter 24  Learning with Digital Technologies
Chapter 25  Beyond the subject curriculum: The form tutor’s role
Chapter 26  Continuing as a teacher

Becoming a Teacher provides a broad context for understanding education, addressing issues such as the influence of international policy and practice, education ideology and social justice.  This is balanced with practical advice for the classroom on topics such as assessment for learning, learning technologies, literacy, numeracy and English as an additional language.

Becoming a Teacher draws extensively on contemporary research and empirical evidence to support critical reflection about learning and teaching.  Encouraging you to reflect on your knowledge and beliefs, it explores some of the complex social and cultural influences that influence professional learning and practice. The approach chimes with the government’s recognition that trainee teachers should take a research-informed approach towards classroom practice.
The fifth edition is refreshed and revitalized throughout, with:

• a complete revision of each chapter
• new chapters on 'Reforming ITE', 'Teachers Lives and Careers', 'International Influences', 'Engagement and Motivation', ‘Learning and the Emotions', 'Data Usage in Schools', 'Safeguarding' and 'Learning with Digital Technologies'
• up-to-date referencing of research findings
• insightful policy analysis
• critical commentary on issues

For those training to teach in secondary school on a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a School Direct programme, or taking an undergraduate or postgraduate Education Studies course, Becoming a Teacher provides invaluable support, insight and guidance.

“With every new edition this book confirms its place as one of the most commanding, authoritative and influential texts in teacher education”.
Meg Maguire's leadership of this new editorial team means that this book remains my umbilical cord to those pivotal principals that I cherish in education: integrity, passion, critical engagement and transformation.” 
Gerry Czerniawski, Professor of Education, University of East London, UK

“An excellent contribution to the Teacher Education and development literature”.
“Many of the authors are leading thinkers in their field and as such the book offers a significant breadth, depth and coherence to the teacher development discourse.”
Professor David Spendlove, School of Environment, Education and Development, The University of Manchester, UK

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