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High quality professional development and study titles for students, academics and practitioners. 

Publishing since 1983, Open University Press became part of McGraw-Hill in 2002. 

We are a trusted social science publisher specialising in education, health and social work, research and study skills, psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, and coaching. We have original works by many foremost scholars and internationally recognised experts.  


Our wide-ranging and diverse publishing programme includes resources for study and professional development. Open University Press titles focus on current issues and challenges, research findings and their application, ideas for teaching, and many other topics. You’re certain to find a resource that will enrich your professional role! Browse our titles below.

Providing resources for students, teachers and lecturers, we publish essential titles in early years, primary, secondary, special education needs, further education, higher education and education policy.

Responsive to current issues and challenges, our broad range of titles offer practicable research and advice for students and experienced practitioners in nursing, social work and allied health.

Clear and accessible guides on improving your reading, writing and researching skills. From undergraduate level to career researcher, we have a book to help you with your study and academic progression.

Celebrating the breadth of the discipline from statistical methods, including Pallant’s definitive SPSS Survival Manual, to consumer and positive psychology, we publish influential texts to aid students and practitioners.

With seminal texts including McLeod’s Introduction to Counselling, we publish accessible texts for students and practitioners that translate research for clinical practice.

With many notable authors including Jenny Rogers, Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck, we have the books to ensure that coaching and its practice reach new heights of advancement, effectiveness and authority. 

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Meet the Publishing Team

Laura Pacey

Head of Open University Press Publishing 

With a diverse commissioning background, Laura has enjoyed working with authors all around the world from inception through to publication, with a focus on making connections, developing relationships and supporting the dissemination of research that can impact policy and practice. 

Commissioning areas: Coaching, Higher Education and Education Policy 


Hannah Kenner

Senior Commissioning Editor 

With both teaching and extensive publishing experience, Hannah is sensitive to both customer needs and commercial requirements to publish influential and high-quality texts for students, academics and practitioners. 

Commissioning areas: Education, Counselling and Psychotherapy 


Sam Crowe

Commissioning Editor 

With almost a decade’s experience in reference and medical publishing, Sam cares deeply about practicable research and advice for both students and experienced practitioners. 

Commissioning areas: Nursing and Health, Social Work, Research and Study Skills  


Clara Heathcock

Associate Editor 

Having started her publishing career in Sales before moving into Editorial, Clara is passionate about a holistic approach to publishing and ensuring author care remains at the heart of everything she does.  

Commissioning areas: Psychology 


Karen Harris

Editorial Assistant 

Previously a teacher, Karen has been with McGraw Hill for over a decade in both marketing and editorial roles, with a focus on delivering the best author service.