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World of Wonders provides the support and structure for children in early reading, while building cross-curricular knowledge, establishing classroom routines, and addressing the needs of all learners through differentiated instructional pathways.

World of Wonders

Why World of Wonders?

  • Works with the flexible nature of the early childhood classroom, supporting teachers make the most of their instructional time
  • Introduces key classroom routines to build content knowledge to prepare children for pre-school
  • Builds strong foundational skills with a focus on early literacy, social-emotional skills, and math, with integrated science, social studies and music in every unit
  • Makes it easy to integrate your favourite materials into thoughtfully designed lesson structures
  • Supports the needs of your students through differentiated pathways for children ages 3 to 5, including English learners and children with special needs

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Independent Education Research and Evaluation Databases

Randomized Controlled Studies


  • Use of Evidence-Based, Small-Group Reading Instruction for English Language Learners in Elementary Grades: Secondary-Tier Intervention
    This report shows an experimental/comparison study of secondarylevel, small-group instruction included 318 first- and second-grade students (170 ELL and 148 English-only) from six elementary schools. All schools served high numbers of ELL students with varying school SES in urhan and suburban communities. Experimental schools implemented a three-tier model of intervention. Results indicated generally higher gains for ELL students enrolled in direct instruction interventions. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

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