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ISBN: 9780335216499
Division: Open University Press
Pub Date: FEB-05
Pages: 192

Edition: 02
Format: Paperback
Availability: In Stock


Counselling Skills In Social Work Practice

Janet Seden



There has been a tension in social work between the managerial and administrative functions undertaken for society (e.g. child protection; compulsory admissions under mental health acts) and the need to meet with people at their point of need, respect them, combat disadvantages and inequalities and build relationships which solve problems, promote wellbeing and lead to the provision of good services.

People who need social work services have consistently said that they want to be listened to, supported, have a voice about what services are provided and be treated with dignity and respect.

This book argues that counselling skills are the way to learn to listen to, respond effectively to and build relationships with the people who use services, colleagues and other professionals.

Counselling skills are shown to be compatible with the main roles and functions of social work outlined in the National Occupational Standards (2003) which identify 6 key roles for social work practice.

The book is organized around these. Practice examples illustrate the integration of counselling skills with ethical and effective practice with a range of service users, adults and children and a variety of organizational settings. The book will be useful to anyone teaching or practicing social work and those who want to know what social workers really do.