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Expressive Writing

With an easy to use approach that teaches students to express their ideas and communicate clearly.

About the program

Students learn to express ideas and communicate clearly. The easy-to-use approach focuses on the writing and the editing of basic sentences, paragraphs and stories. Instructional strands include Mechanics, Sentence Writing, Paragraph and Story Writing, and Editing.

Expressive Writing Teacher Materials: Presentation Book and Teacher’s Guide 1–2.


Expressive Writing



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Key features

  • Focuses on closing the gap for struggling writers very quickly
  • Targets the most common problems often experienced by poor writers with on-going skill development
  • Two distinct levels with four placement options allow you to precisely target learning needs
  • Carefully sequenced instruction gradually moves students from simple paragraph writing to composing and editing sophisticated stories with varied sentences
  • Cumulative Check System allows rapid evaluation of student progress and helps save you time
  • In-program Mastery Tests and BLMs offer an easy way to monitor progress and re-teach critical skills

Using Expressive Writing and Essentials for Writing to Meet the Needs of Secondary Students: Both English Only and English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities
The purpose of this paper is to make the connection between the research and the practices found in two programs, SRA Expressive Writing (Engelmann & Silbert, 1983) and SRA Essentials for Writing (Engelmann & Grossen, 2010), as affects secondary students with disabilities, whether English-only (EO) or English language learners.