Every student starts a course with differing needs and levels of comprehension. ALEKS is an online adaptive learning platform that uses artificial intelligence to continually assess and improve students’ pre-requisite math knowledge. Rooted in research and data, it is proven to increase student success rates by fostering better preparation, increased motivation and knowledge retention.


For courses in mathematics, science, and business, ALEKS has a measurable impact on learning. 

Improve student outcomes with personalised learning paths

No two students are the same, so their learning paths shouldn't be either. No matter the class size, ALEKS provides a personalised learning journey for each individual student to ensures they get the right level of support to keep them motivated and engaged.

By avoiding multiple choice questions, ALEKS can pinpoint precisely what students know and what they’re ready to learn next. This ongoing cycle of learning and assessment with a gamification-style interface has been proven to boost academic performance and reduce drop-out rates. 



improved academic performance

49% Improvement

Time well spent

ALEKS saves instructors time by removing the need to cover prerequisite math skills during valuable class time, and instead use the actionable insights to discover where they can make the biggest impact.

The real-time progress reports show how students are performing at an individual and class level, while ALEKS Insights sends alerts directly to an instructor’s inbox, highlighting the students displaying ‘at-risk’ behaviours such as procrastination or unusual learning patterns. This powerful combination guides instructors on how best to optimise their time and provide early intervention when needed.

“ I’ve tried everything and I always seem to get grades no higher than a 75%. When I completed ALEKS my final assessment was a 96%, the highest I have ever gotten. Plus I was even able to retain the information I was taught.”

“I feel like the ALEKS program played a huge role in my success in math. I appreciate how user friendly the site is. I went from dreading math to actually liking it. For me to say "I like math!" is the biggest testimony I can give you.”
“[ALEKS] is very beneficial. It helped me understand the foundations of mathematics even more. I am more confident when I attack mathematical equations.”
"ALEKS improved my Math skills tremendously. What I love the most about the program is that it makes sure you understand the material through repetition. Any student that used this program knows what happens when the response to the question is incorrect, the program repeats the concept until the student demonstrates it correctly at least three times. Thanks to this program I got the job that I have now. I am very happy I had to use this program as my homework."
“ALEKS forces you to learn the material. With other programs, you can trick the system to give you the right answer.”

Ready to learn

Students will struggle to progress through a course without mastering the basics first.

ALEKS helps students come to class prepared and ready to learn by equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for success.

Improve retention

ALEKS improves in-class retention through motivating students with periodic knowledge checks and real-time feedback that celebrates the small wins, along with a personalized learning path so they feel supported rather than frustrated.

ALEKS works around you

Whether teaching in a traditional style, taking a flipped classroom approach or lead on a distance learning course, ALEKS can work with any implementation model. Instructors have full control over the structure, pacing and rigor to ensure the course meets the needs of their students.

Meaningful data

Better understand how your students learn, how they are progressing through the course and which students need interventions with the fully automated, real-time reports and ALEKS Insights alerts.

A system you can trust

ALEKS has an industry-leading uptime of 99.99%. This means instructors spend time supporting students on mastering the subject, instead of technical issues.

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