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Connect is an online platform integrating ready-made course content with assessment and tools. The platform uses the most established adaptive digital technology to deliver a more effective learning experience for both students and educators across over 90 disciplines. 

Since 2010, Connect has helped transform learning for 3.9 million students around the world.

“Connect increases my students’ knowledge and has made my teaching more effective” 

University of Birmingham Business School, United Kingdom 
Finance Department Case Study 

Connect accelerates course mastery

When it comes to learning, everyone is unique. Connect has changed the paradigm from students adapting to the classroom to education adapting to each student. Connect’s interactive technology provides each student with a tailored learning journey enabling them to learn at their own pace and in their own way.  

Real-time assessments help accelerate learning and drive continuous progression. This is proven to help drive up retention rates, boost grades and improve the overall learning experience for students and educators.


Connect students earning A & B grades increased by



Student retention improved by


Connect means higher student engagement

Digital learning is here to stay, students feel at ease with the digital learning experience, more so than just reading a book. Connect is designed to help them actively engage in course content and develop higher-level critical thinking skills while offering educators the flexibility to tailor their course to suit the diverse ways of teaching and the ways students learn. 

Connect creates personalised pathways that recognise students’ strengths and weaknesses, measures engagement and adapts in real time. Instant feedback and reporting improve students’ motivation and confidence, as they feel more in charge. From an educator’s point-of-view, every student is supported, and no one gets left behind.

Connect, the smarter way to teach and learn

Learning smarter is the way forward for every educational institution. Connect is the perfect application to mix digital learning with lecturers’ teaching to achieve the best results for both students and educators.   

Connect offers some of the most varied prepared adaptive content for higher education, saving management time to focus on teaching.  And that means instructors can devote more time to students, supporting their learning journey and igniting the spark to propel them forward. The result for everyone is improved outcomes. Improved learning and teaching outcomes. 

Connect will automatically grade assignments and quizzes, providing educators with easy-to-read reports, so they know which students need more guidance. Assignments can be easily tailored to fit the goals of specific courses and students’ needs. From small classes to large institutions, Connect can support every student in every environment.

 Course leaders spend 72% less time on admin and 90% more time on teaching

Maximise Study Time 

Connect’s integrated, adaptive SmartBook maximises learning by helping students study more efficiently, highlighting where in the chapter to focus, asking review questions, and pointing them to additional resources until they master the content.

High-Quality Course Materials

You want the best content for your students. Our content is authored by the world’s best subject matter experts, including master teachers and academic researchers, ensuring the materials your students use meet the highest academic standards and reflect the most relevant research.  

We’re also being effective as we develop our products– be it print or technology through our heatmaps. From analysing student responses in Connect, we’re able to identify sections, parts, topics, and even words students may have found confusing and provide immediate revisions.

Analytics & Reporting 

Monitor progress and improve focus with Connect’s visual and actionable dashboards. Reports are available to empower both instructors and students with real-time performance analytics. 

Connect Insight generates easy-to-read reports on individual students, the class as a whole, and on specific assignments.


Connect’s mobile and offline functionality, available through the ReadAnywhere app, gives students the flexibility to study via their mobile device, anywhere, anytime. 

Seamless Integration 

Connect integrates with all major Learning Management Systems, offering single sign-on for a seamless student experience and gradebook synchronisation to keep instructors organised. 

Connect offers comprehensive service, support and training face-to-face, online or over the phone, throughout every phase of working with us.

Smarter studying with SmartBook

Within Connect, students have access to SmartBook, an adaptive learning and reading tool that personalises content to their unique needs. Because SmartBook creates the ideal study path for each student, every minute they spend studying is the most effective minute possible.  

SmartBook highlights the key topics students should focus on, and supplies links to additional learning materials. It also quizzes them along the way, making sure they understand the key concepts. 

Students can use SmartBook on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

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